Transportation AND STORAGE OF COMMODITIES worldwide 

 What we do









Our core businesses are: 


Transportation of ferroalloys from production units in Kazakhstan to clients accross the world

Storage and Transhipment of oil products from our own terminals in Denmark and Kaliningrad ( &

Financing of commodity traders

Using our expertise and experience in the logistics and warehousing of commodities we set up GTL Fund which offers its investors security of the given commodity as collateral. GTL Fund is engaged in direct lending to commodity traders with typical lending secured by warehouse receipts

For collateral control we use our own expertise in tracking the commodity as well as facilitate third party surveyors for quality control and other risk mitigation. All of which makes GTL Fund a unique investment product for our financial investors.

who we are


Global Transport and Logistics PTE. Ltd. is a Singapore company with its business center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  We are acting as a freight forwarding and multimodal logistics’ solution company providing transport services by rail, sea freight and road auto transport to customers around the globe in Europe, Asia and the Americas.


  • Our continuing aim is to make the transportation as efficient as possible for our clients by offering a quality service at a competitive price:
  • Our strong teams with specialist knowledge will organize shipment and monitoring of the cargo
  • Our clients can rest assured that their goods will be handled professionally with the use of the latest technology and freight forwarding facilities
  • We have developed an excellent knowledge of the dedicated markets of Europe, Asia and the Americas as well as the individual end users. 
  • We understand that each customer has specific requirements that need to be met in order to ensure customer satisfaction